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CarlowBuild’s production facility is unique in that all components for each project are manufactured in house with very high levels of production throughput.

The building system is produced using cutting edge light gauge steel rollforming technology, highly innovative precast concrete cladding manufacture and an array of highly optimised production techniques all of which are in line with our quality control procedures, ensuring project specifications and client requirements are achieved and exceeded every time.

The components have all connection holes, service holes and notches punched using the CNC controlled roll formers. The framing software used by Carlow Build transfers this information to the roll formers producing highly accurate components. Components are connected together using self‐drilling screws; all load bearing walls are braced to structural design specifications. External steel frames are insulated and clad with a precast concrete cladding system which incorporates a water management system.

The components in the floor are connected together either with bolts or self‐drilling screws. All floor decking is screwed to the top of the cold formed joists, joints in the floor decking are glued together.

The system can be used in conjunction with hot rolled steel utilising steel beams and columns to transfer loads and create areas of open plan.

All elements are assembled and connected together in Carlow Build’s facility creating frames that are then transported to specific sites for installation by trained operatives. Lifting points are designed into the system to load panels onto transport trailers in the manufacturing facility and also for installing into position on site. The frames will arrive on site fully assembled, external frames are pre‐insulated & precast clad and internal frames uninsulated & un‐clad.

Rapid Installation

  • In many instances: a single dwelling from base to roof is installed in 4 days.

Assembly & Quality Control
Quality control carried out during manufacture includes visual inspection of steel coiled raw material, calibration of roll forming equipment daily, cross checking of all in-house production drawings, and checks on production dimensions (length, width, and steel thickness) and on the dimensions and squareness of finished panels.
Each panel is labelled with a QC sticker confirming it has passed final inspection. CarlowBuild operates a full in-house quality control system, which outlines procedures on material specification, quality control in production, purchasing of raw materials, design and assembly.

Once all components that make-up each panel have been produced, they are placed onto work tables for initial fixings of the frame. Experienced CarlowBuild teams assemble the formed elements into pre-engineering panels to form wall/roof/floor panels used to be sent to site to be used in full building structures, these panels are then stacked in and ready for transport.


Panels move along seamlessly through all the stages of production once on the production line. Tolerances are checked regularly throughout the production process, tolerances below need to be achieved.


• Length +1mm, ‐1mm • Position of opening +2mm, ‐2mm
• Size of opening +2mm, ‐2mm
• Frame squareness +2mm, ‐2mm
• Spot checks are carried out on all aspects of the production process as detailed in the quality control document.

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