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Carlow Build manufactures a hybrid modular building system for the delivery of large scale residential, commercial and departmental type buildings.

This highly innovative building system is completely unique to CarlowBuild and is a world first. The vast majority of modular building solutions available in Ireland and the UK either do not comply with all aspects of current building regulations or are too expensive to consider, CarlowBuild however is both compliant and economically favorable.


Production & Experience

CarlowBuild is part of the Burren Precast Group and a sister company of Carlow Concrete, and as such has the resources and infrastructure to meet the high demands of our customers in relation to quality of service and product. Our organisation benefits from a highly experienced technical team and has the technical expertise, the flexibility in production methods and the resources to Interpret, Design, Manufacture and Assemble to the highest standards to meet the requirements of its customers, bringing modern methods of construction through the benefits of off-site construction, building information modelling (BIM) and highly experienced installation teams.

Design & Innovation

At design stage each project undergoes rigorous structural design using cutting edge analysis software and the option of 3D BIM Modelling at both approval and construction stages. Many contemporary construction projects now utilise BIM modelling to facilitate an efficient interaction between design disciplines. CarlowBuild’s team possesses both the training and tools to partake fully in this environment. Our extensive design service is implemented by a highly qualified design department which consists of Civil, Structural, Environmental and Process design engineers. Our Design department also maintain our innovation centre in terms of research and development.

Environmental Responsibility

CarlowBuild is committed to minimising the impact of its activities on both the local and global environments. In line with this commitment we implement carbon accounting and management protocols in accordance with ISO 14064 – ‘Green House gases – Specification with guidance at the organisational level for quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals’. Project specific carbon budgets can be produced at the customers request.